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Weespersluis is a residential development that will offer a spacious landscape of greenery to enjoy and interact with nature. Its central location and proximity to Amsterdam (only a 10-minute train ride), the beautiful 't Gooi region as well as the Vecht river make it especially attractive.

Weespersluis is a place where water and nature merge. With only one-third of the land designated as residential, nature and water will be abundant throughout the development. New water areas will be connected to the Vecht river and the landscape will be home to three extensive parks that offer plenty of child-friendly spaces for playing, exercising, cycling, walking or simply relaxing. All within a stone's throw of the historic centre of Weesp. This is living at its best!

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Lanenrijk, Vechtrijk and Waterrijk

Weespersluis consists of three sub-areas; Lanenrijk, Vechtrijk and Waterrijk. Lanenrijk is a neighbourhood with canals, avenues and courtyards nestled in lush greenery. Vechtrijk is oriented towards the Vecht and offers all the charm of a bastide town. And the homes in Waterrijk are located amidst green landscaped areas or on the water. Weespersluis will feature different types of housing. Some homes are right on the water and have their own jetty for mooring boats. There will also be various public jetties. In total, approximately 2,900 houses will be built in phases at Weespersluis.

New homes in 2024

This year, homes will be up for sale in each sub-area. From stately canal-side dwellings and town houses in Vechtrijk and Lanenrijk to luxurious detached waterfront villas in Waterrijk. 

Water and the sluice

Water has a prime place in Weespersluis. This, among many other things, makes it different from other residential areas. Many houses are located directly on one of the many canals or even on De Gouw lake in the heart of Weespersluis. For an adventure on Weespersluis’ family-friendly waterways, you can simply cross the lake in a canoe or rowing boat and start exploring. Upon completion, Weespersluis will be directly connected to the Vecht river via a sluice. The new sluice will be built on the site of the existing pumping station, allowing boaters to cruise directly from Weespersluis all the way to the 't Gooi region, the picturesque town of Muiden or Amsterdam. That feeling of freedom is priceless.

Weespersluis offers heaps of excitement not just on but also off the water. The circumference of De Gouw lake is about six kilometres, which makes it perfect for walking, running or simply enjoying views of the water from one of the benches or the beach near the Gouwpark. 


Residents of Weesp, and therefore also Weespersluis, are allowed to moor their boats along public river banks as long as this doesn't obstruct access and safe passage for other boaters. Boat owners may also moor their boats at their private jetties.


In addition to green areas spread out across Weespersluis, Weesp will also be home to a landscaped park and three city parks. The Gouwpark in Vechtrijk will feature a leafy avenue of trees leading to De Gouw's recreational beach. Plans for a beach café are being considered. The park aan de Muiderslotlaan will be a green oasis, with a circular cycle path spanning nearly the entire length of Lanenrijk. The Weespersluispark will be located across from the community school in Lanenrijk. The north and west side of Waterrijk will feature a natural, rugged landscape. This nature reserve and recreational area called 't Breedland will have a rambling path, a bike trail and a running trail.

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Easy access to A1 motorway

At the north side of Weespersluis, the A1 motorway can be reached via a new access road and exit ramp, the Waterlinie. The new access road will help reduce traffic congestion along the Korte Muiderweg and the Weesperweg. 

Play areas

Weespersluis will have abundant play areas for children throughout. In addition to ample green spaces in which the youngest residents can run free, there will also be numerous playgrounds dotted around the sub-areas. Older children can enjoy more challenging water sports activities at De Gouw lake, such as boating or canoeing. In this area, a small beach, a play forest and an adventure area will be created where children can play and parents can kick back and relax. 


Weespersluis will have a centre in Vechtrijk with small shops, a supermarket, a health centre and various cafés and/or restaurants. 

Community school

Lanenrijk features a new community school, bringing together partners offering a range of facilities for children, including a daycare centre, out-of-school childcare facility and a sports hall. The school and sports hall openend their doors at the beginning of 2021. The out-of-school childcare facility will take a bit longer to finish, but a temporary facility will be opening at the Papelaan to accommodate children during daytime. For more information, please visit www.kindenco.nl

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Interested in living in Weespersluis? Please contact one of our real estate agents for detailed information.

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Historic centre of Weesp


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